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AP Lit #2 Culture, or basically one of the reasons why I’m a clown

I love travelling, period. We get to experience new sights, flavours, and culture! However, sometimes, our own culture, misconceptions, or even arrogance can block us from experiencing something new. I guess it’s time for me to tell you about how my arrogance really made me sound like a clown to future me (really living up …

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AP Lit #1 Richard Parker tingz

Richard Parker, tiger, psychological manifestation, or a symbol of God? Some say he’s just a psychological manifestation, a product Pi’s mind, while others say he’s a symbol of God. Whatever you believe, the fact is, he helped Pi survive. You’re probably asking yourself, how did a manifestation or symbol help this young man survive? Well, …

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World Lit #2 Text #79

“みちのべにしみづながるゝやなぎかげしばしとてこそたちとまりつれ” Alongside the pathFresh water flows, andIn the willow’s shadeJust for a little whileWould I take my ease… –Text #79, by Saigyo Japanese tankas, famous for for their somber tone, vivid imagery, emotion. This tanka is no exception to it. Saigyo used specific words to paint a picture, a scene, allowing the reader to imagine …

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